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Release Form


This form must be filled out and sent with each sript(s) submission. Click on the print button in the
upper right hand corner of this form and fill out the copy. You can submit your copy of this form by
fax, e-mail (scanned copy), or hard copy via the info on the contact page.

Date: _______________________________________________________________________

Writer's Name (print): ___________________________________________________________

I am submitting to you the following Script(s) (referred to as "The Material") for your evaluation:

Title: ________________________________________________________________________

WGA Registration/copyright #: ____________________________________________________

Principal Characters: ___________________________________________________________

Brief Summary of Plot: (Log line) __________________________________________________






I realize that you (and your staff) are in the production and/or management of material for motion
picture, television and/or other media and, as such, are likewise engaged in the search for material
and literary properties and the development of ideas, stories and suggestions for exploitation in any
and all entertainment media which said production or management necessitates. Such material,
ideas or suggestions may relate to format, theme, characterizations, treatments and/or means of
exploiting a production based on such ideas and suggestions once completed. As a result, I
recognize that you will not discuss, consider or read ideas, scripts, treatments, formats or the like
submitted to you by persons not in your employ with third parties without first obtaining the
agreement of the person submitting same to the provisions of this letter. I hereby acknowledge and
agree as follows:

  1. I warrant that I am the sole owner and author of the above described material and that I have
    the full right and authorization to submit the material to you.

  2. I agree that any part of the submitted material which is not novel or original and not legally
    protected may be used by you without any liability on your part to me and that nothing herein
    shall place you in any different position with respect to such non-novel or non-original material
    by reason hereof.

  3. I realize that you may have had access to and/or may have independently created or have had
    created ideas, themes, formats and/or other materials which may be similar to the theme, plot,
    idea, format or other element of the material now being submitted by me and I agree that I will
    not be entitled to any compensation by reason of the use by you of such similar material.

  4. You shall not be under any obligation to me with respect to the submitted material except as
    provided as a paid service by How To Script or may later be set forth in a fully executed written
    agreement between us.

How To Script accepts no liability or responsibility should any disagreements or suits, with third parties,
result from use of this release form.

By signing on the line below you agree to the provisions of this letter.

Sincerely, Signature: ___________________________________________________________

Print Name: __________________________________________________________________

Your Street Address: ___________________________________________________________

Town/City: ___________________________________________________________________

State: _______________________________________________________________________

Postal/Zip Code: ______________________________________________________________

Country: ____________________________________________________________________

Telephone: __________________________________________________________________

Fax #: ______________________________________________________________________

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