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How great it is for the industry to have filmmakers from outside Hollywood getting access to a writer as talented and experienced as Robert Stitzel. I have been producing films for almost 40 years, and he shines as one of the most special talents I have seen. Add to this his experience as a teacher, and presents a unique opportunity for aspiring screenwriters to give their dreams their best shot.

Michael Phillips Producer (The Sting, Taxi Driver, Close Encounters of the Third Kind)

Robert Stitzel is a fine filmmaker and a brilliant practioner of the singular art of screenwriting. He is passionate about writing and he is passionate about passing on what he knows and believe me he knows a lot. Most importantly to you perusing this web site, he knows how to make what he knows accessible. He can be a great ally to any new writer, particularly someone who wants to navigate the arduous journey leading to a successful screenplay. Take advantage of his mentorship. It will serve you well. 

Paul Dixon, A.C.E. has received four Prime time Emmy nominations and the American Cinema Editors prestigious Eddy award twice. His credits include "Hill Street Blues", "L.A. Law", the Emmy winning  "Door To Door", and more recently "The Starter Wife". He also edited the cult favorite, "Mallrats".

Either as a studio executive or independent producer, I’ve worked for thirty years developing and producing material for movies and television. During that time, I’ve come to believe that bad writers can become good ones, and that good writers can become better ones. Bob Stitzel is a great writer, whose peculiar blend of strong storytelling and unique style sets him apart from other writers. I have only had the pleasure of producing one of his screenplays. With luck, I’ll have that opportunity again.

Chris Chesser Producer (The Rundown, Major League, Eyes of an Angel)

Bob Stizel’s class on screenwriting is one that has really stayed with me. Bob’s is a legit Hollywood screenwriter with makes it easy to respect what he has to teach you as he is a living example that it works. It’s rare when an instructor can teach the discipline and technique of structure and character development while at the same time making his students feel that they can be completely creative and free.  I never felt apprehensive about anything I ever turned in to Bob.  I like to write some pretty far out stuff that many writing teachers in the past didn’t always encourage, but Bob did.  Bob Stitzel has a way of making you feel totally comfortable writing how you want to write.  For me that was huge and I enjoyed the creative freedom I felt while in his class as I’m sure everyone else did.  It wasn’t only the freedom I enjoyed but more so the fact that I was getting better as a writer. As an instructor Bob Stitzel gave me the confidence and the know how to write great material that comes from me.  I have enormous respect for Bob and I’m grateful for all he was able to teach me.

Max McCloud (Student)